2014 Well Informed

Well Informed, the company's wellness program, is the foundation to a healthy lifestyle that includes a confidential health test and a health questionnaire, at no cost to you.

By completing your health test and questionnaire, you will earn $200 to $400, depending on your coverage, in company-provided Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) dollars. You can use these HRA dollars to pay for out-of-pocket health care costs—or you can save them for the future. Although your participation in the Well Informed program is voluntary, please note that completing the health test and questionnaire is the only way to fund your HRA.

The deadline to complete the Well Informed program for 2014 and earn your HRA dollars is September 30, 2014. And since expenses cannot be paid nor funded retroactively, it’s important to complete the health test and questionnaire early to have the money added to your account when you need it.

If you had funds in your existing HRA at the end of 2013, these funds automatically transferred to your HRA through Your Spending Account (YSA) in 2014, up to your in-network deductible.

In addition, after completing your health test and questionnaire, you can also earn up to 120,000 Balance® Rewards points by completing the Well Informed healthy activities. To learn more, click youandwalgreens.com.